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Are you looking for wood fireplaces in Medicine Hat? Moritz Masonry & Tile Supply is the name you can trust. A major advantage of having a wood-burning stove installed is the quality of heat it emits. Wood stoves are known to operate on the principle of radiant heat where the area becomes warm faster than warm air being blown through a home's vent system.

The latest wood burners are designed to conserve heat and energy. Some are over 80% efficient. The heat distributor fan of the venting system pushes down the heat, thus preventing it from escaping through the chimney. This helps wood-burning hearths generate hotter and long-lasting fire. You do not have to add extra fuel to keep the fire burning.

Napoleon High Country™ 5000 Wood Burning Fireplace


Wood-burning inserts can help reduce your heating bills. If placed in the right fireplace insert, one load of wood can burn up to 8 hours. This way, you can benefit from warm indoors and beat the chilly weather. The insulation prevents hot air from spilling out. The glass doors of the inserts will also prevent the air from moving downwards, also known as downdraft.


Firewood is a sustainable and renewable source of fuel, and is considered carbon-neutral by the Carbon Trust. With today’s wood-burning inserts, you do not have to worry about combustion of carbon by-products because harmful pollutants are released safely into the atmosphere. The latest wood fireplaces discharge less than 1 gram of smoke per hour – an amount that meets the clean air standards of Environmental Protection Agency.


Do wood burning fireplaces help reduce heating bills?

The cold weather causes an increase in heating bills. With proper usage and maintenance, a fireplace can save you money on heating requirements during the cold season. Oxygen and heat from other parts of the home pulled into the fireplace will also help the fire burn. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the doors closed.

What is the cost of installing a wood burning fireplace?

With different types of fireplaces in the market, costs will depend on the specific type you are looking for. While the most popular fireplace is the traditional, wood-burning model, you can choose from electric and gas fireplaces as well. The cost incurred to install the average fireplace is roughly $2,000.

To upgrade to a wood fireplace, speak to us today.

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