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At Moritz Masonry & Tile Supply in Medicine Hat, we provide gas fireplaces that seamlessly blend in with your existing decor. We source gas fireplaces that provide complete comfort and control at your fingertips. When you choose us for your unit, you can rest assured of a warm winter and reliable performance year after year.

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Napoleon Elevation X Series Gas Fireplace


Investing in a gas fireplace is a major decision, and you may have some inhibitions prior to choosing yours. We have listed below a few frequently asked questions. However, if you have new questions, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be glad to help.

Are gas fireplaces worth the money?

A gas fireplace will burn for a long time, and is cost-effective and safe compared to wood. It is also cheaper than electricity.

Does a gas fireplace keep the room warm enough?

70% of the heat that is generated remains in the house, so direct-vent gas fireplaces are recommended. Also, they are ideal for zone heating because the firebox heats the air in the room, and people absorb radiant heat from the glass front.

Is a furnace more cost-effective than a gas fireplace?

While a furnace is more efficient than a gas fireplace, the latter uses less fuel. So, if gas is expensive in your area, a fireplace may be a more cost-effective option. TemperaturePro DFW also says that a fireplace is great if you want your heat localized in one area.

Should I choose a vented or a gas fireplace without a vent?

Ventless gas logs should be designed to burn completely in the closed damper so that carbon monoxide does not enter the room.

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