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schluter shower system installation handbook 2020


When you need a new shower system, consult with us in Medicine Hat. As a dealer of Schluter®-Shower System, Moritz Masonry & Tile Supply has the expertise and knowledge in providing quality products to meet your unique needs. Take a look at our range of Schluter®-Systems solutions:

Shower & Tub Kits

When it comes to upgrading your tiled bathroom, the choices can be endless, and finding the essential waterproofing elements doesn't have to be a hassle. All you have to do is leave it with us! To simplify the process, we design our shower and tub kits, and also provide waterproofing components that are required. Choose from our assembled kits to find the perfect fit for your next shower project.


Schluter®-KERDI and KERDI-DS waterproofing membranes help keep moisture away. These membranes are pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof and vapor retarders with limited crack-bridging capabilities. Accessories such as seamless corners, waterproofing strips, pipe and mixing valve seals made out of KERDI help complete the waterproofing process, and keep your shower or bath area protected against mildew and mold.


The Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN comes in a variety of finishes and has a wide range of tile thickness options. The KERDI waterproofing membrane is integrated to the bonding flange of the KERDI-DRAIN to form a waterproof connection. Would you like something more luxurious? Then the Schluter®-KERDI-LINE is what you need. This low-profile linear drain is ideal for curbless bathrooms. KERDI-LINE is available with designs including a frameless tileable covering support, which virtually disappears into the field tile. It can be installed adjacent to walls or at intermediate locations in steam rooms, showers, wet rooms, and other spaces that require drainage.

Prefabricated Substrates

Prefabricated substrates are ideal solutions for mortar-free shower components in any tiled shower. Components such as shower trays, curbs, ramps, benches and niches integrate seamlessly with KERDI and KERDI-BOARD shower assemblies. Schluter® prefabricated substrates are easy-to-install and are the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and design. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes to fit any decor.

Trends in Tile


Accessories are used to enhance tiled shower applications, providing shelving, splashguards at the entrances to curbless showers, support channels for glass walls, and wall finishing that eliminates the need to cut wedges of tile in KERDI-LINE applications.

Feel free to take a look at our video below, or call us for more information.


Are you planning a bathroom renovation project? We offer Schluter®-Systems’ products and solutions to give your bathroom new look.

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