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Due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, ceramic and stone tiles are ideal floor coverings. At Moritz Masonry & Tile Supply in Medicine Hat, we provide Schluter®-Profiles that are known to protect tile edges. Schluter®-Systems offers Schluter®-Profiles in a variety of shapes, colours, patterns and sizes that help you to explore limitless design possibilities resulting in attractive alternatives to trim pieces. Our applications include:


Carpets are known to harbour common allergens and dust mites. Tiled flooring, on the other hand, remains free from these elements, and are elegant and easy to maintain. However, it is important to protect your flooring. We offer Schluter® flooring profiles that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials. They can complement your room decor and improve the integrity of the tile assembly. Additionally, they are maintenance-free and ensure a smooth transition while preventing tile edges from chipping and cracking.

Wall Edging/Profiles

Give your walls the perfect finishing touch with Schluter®-Profiles. They not only protect and conceal the tile edges, but they also hide caulking. You can benefit from endless creative options by choosing from materials, finishes and colours. We also provide accessories such as corners and end caps that decrease installation time, provide a clean finish and eliminate the need for mitering.


Tiled countertops are an ideal choice to create a beautiful look while also ensuring practicality and durability. Large format tiles create minimal grout lines. Tiled countertops are almost maintenance-free and are resistant to scratching, high heat and staining. They can be cleaned using standard household products.
Schluter®-Profiles are used for countertops to help increase design flexibility and protect edges. They also cover the subassembly using a profile with a wide reveal or safeguards a designated area for bonding accent tile. You can also cover the caulking around the sink. Schluter®-Profiles are available in a large assortment of colours, finishes and materials. Whether you want something modern or are looking to create a rustic feel, we have a range of options. A wide selection of accessories expedites and completes the installation process.


Ensure your tiled stairs are protected with Schluter®-Systems stair-nosing profiles. They protect the tile from cracking, conceal the subassembly, prevent slip hazards and increase visibility. You can choose from a range of materials, sizes, shapes and finishes. They are ideal for both commercial and residential applications and create decorative accents.

An Introduction to Schluter®-Profiles

Cove-shaped Profiles

Cove bases are ideal for treating floor-to-wall or wall-to-wall transitions and prevent the accumulation of dirt. To treat such transitions, there is a limited availability of ceramic trim pieces resulting in the use of sealant and caulk. It is important to maintain these joints continually. Schluter®-DILEX cove-shaped profiles offer an attractive, clean, and maintenance-free alternative that is ideal for inside wall corners and floor/wall (including countertop/backsplash) transitions. They completely eliminate the need for caulk. DILEX profiles accommodate the use of any tile line, regardless of the availability of trim pieces.

Movement Joint Profiles

Movement joints are known to allow movement of the assembly and prevent damage to the system. They should be incorporated at transitions to walls, restraining structures and within the tile field at doorsills. Schluter®-Systems’ prefabricated movement joint profiles are known to prevent sound bridges, water penetration and protect tile edges resulting in a maintenance-free installation. Schluter®-DILEX movement profiles are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials that are ideal for different applications.

Resilient Surface Coverings – LVT

Floor vinyl and other materials have evolved into a completely new variety of floor coverings. Their appearance is almost close to that of wood and stone using high-fidelity printing. The product is realistic and durable in both finish and texture. Having said that, resilient coverings can be applied to walls in commercial and residential spaces as well.

Choose VINPRO from Schluter®-Systems. It is a series of finishing-edge profiles designed for luxury vinyl and other resilient coverings for floors, walls, and stair surfaces. For more warmth and comfort to your floor, you can choose The DITRA-HEAT floor warming system. This can also be used under resilient floor coverings.

Our aim is to protect your tiles from cracking, chipping and eliminate the need for caulking. We also provide easy transitions between adjacent floor and wall coverings. Schluter®-Profiles are great to add bold or subtle elements of design while ensuring the integrity of your tile installation. To schedule a visit and discuss your requirements, give us a call today.


Are you planning a bathroom renovation project? We offer Schluter®-Systems’ products and solutions to give your bathroom a new look.

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